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Project Description

Our Premiere Publication

In its premiere publication, Acre Books presents an array of established and new poets and fiction writers to bring you . . . babies. These swaddled sacks of boy and girl are not your average infants, however. They are seething teethers, diapered devils, brawling bundles, newborns gone nuclear. Not all are human. Not all are small. Not all are even young. What they are, in a word, is angry.

The special promotional volume—available exclusively on our website—was put together specifically for Acre Books by head editor Nicola Mason, whose aim is to show the kind and caliber of work Acre is interested in acquiring. All of the pieces in A Very Angry Baby are previously unpublished, save one (which appeared in Wales). Contributors to the anthology have written about the genesis and evolution of their pieces in its pages. To read their comments, visit our blog: acre-books.com/lounge/

128 pp., 6 x 9

ISBN 978-1-946724-00-7

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