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Please submit a sample of no more than 10 pages using the form below, and include a brief bio in the description block. We will contact you if we would like to see more of your manuscript. NOTE our submission periods: January 1 through May 31 and August 1 through November 30 (we do not consider new submissions in December, June, or July). Thanks for your interest in Acre!

Lisa Ampleman, Poetry Series Editor

When I read a book of poetry, I want to know early on what’s at stake for the speaker—or for the work itself, if there’s no central “I”—and to see a clear progression of that central concern as the reader moves through the poems. I want to know that something matters for the poet and the manuscript. I also will be looking for verse that sets my skin on fire; that’s a hard quality to define (I respond to traditional and experimental forms, as well as everything in between), but I recommend sending us polished work with rich diction that makes the subjects seem new and with enough variety in style that the poems don’t all sound the same. Though I will collaborate with writers on edits, possibly including order, I especially love finding books thoughtfully arranged by their authors, with sections that highlight the poems’ best features and lead to that sense of progression, whether through narrative, themes, or tone. I love a book that teaches you how to read it and fulfills the expectations it sets up in the first few pages—or unmistakably and purposefully challenges them.

Nicola Mason, Editor

For fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid works, I’m open to anything in terms of subject and form and driving force (whether that force be character, plot, structure, humor, concept, or some combination of these). What I’m looking for in particular are books that exude energy and command—that persuade and even transport me with the world or worlds, the characters and consciousnesses, they present. I adore innovation and am usually more drawn to imperfect work that takes risks than I am to something accomplished that does no more than meet expectations; I enjoy playful modes but also appreciate tonally serious stuff. Craft is paramount to me. I’ll read anything that’s artfully written, no matter its so-called category. I should mention that I will copyedit all the prose Acre acquires, and I’m an active editor—line by line as well as in the developmental/structural sense. I love digging in, bouncing ideas back and forth, and generally treat every project like it’s my little golden baby. Thanks for considering Acre.