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If you’d like us to consider your story or poetry collection, or your novel, submit a brief description of your manuscript, along with no more than ten sample pages, using the contact form below.

Danielle Cadena Deulen, Poetry Series Editor

What tends to catch my attention first in a manuscript is a distinctive voice. That voice might portray a tone that is primarily oracular, or ironic, or pensive, or sarcastic, or vulnerable, or breezy—but the phrasing should be clear, utterly original, and should project a definite persona. I appreciate musicality in the language of poetry, whether it be through received forms, general cadences, or just interesting sonic texture. I also appreciate specificity, both in rhetoric and in image: the more carefully wrought a poem seems, the more time I give to it. In terms of subject, I firmly believe that good poetry might be about anything, but as of late I’m most taken with poetry that is either politically engaged or interpersonally illuminating: either very public, or very private. My ideal poetry manuscript would show variety in tone and form but still manage to read as unified. I look forward to reading your work!

Nicola Mason, Editor

For fiction I’m open to anything in terms of subject and form and driving force (whether that force be character, plot, structure, humor, concept, or some combination of these). What I’m looking for in particular are books that exude energy and command—that persuade and even transport me with the world or worlds, the characters and consciousnesses, they present. I adore innovation and am usually more drawn to imperfect work that takes risks than I am to something accomplished that does no more than meet expectations; I enjoy playful modes but also appreciate tonally serious stuff. Craft is paramount to me. I’ll read anything that’s artfully written, no matter its so-called category. I should mention that I will copyedit all the prose Acre acquires, and I’m an active editor—line by line as well as in the developmental/structural sense. I love digging in, bouncing ideas back and forth, and generally treat every project like it’s my little golden baby. Thanks for considering Acre.